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Wildcat Spirit

Michael Westergard of Plentywood is one of Montana's best-known contemporary artists and has received national honors as "Best Living Western Sculptor" by True West magazine. He is partnering with The Plentywood Education & Alumni Foundation (PEAF) and has sculptured a full body wildcat entitled "Wildcat Spirit". This exclusive masterpiece is a limited edition of 40 and each one is awarded to a Gold Partner of the Foundation. To receive your Wildcat Spirit, sculpture, become a Gold Partner today!



<center>Wildcat Spirit Donors Pictured are:</center><p>

<center><img src=

Marvin and Marie Moriconi (1949) Radons, Outlook, MT;


Ray and Dorothy Overby (1940)Conger, Detroit Lakes, MN;


Mari Marsh Stoner (1970) and her husband, Dr. Kirk Stoner (1969), Plentywood, MT;


Marvin & Kathy Mann (1985) Eberling, Plentywood, MT


May & Gerald Budke Plentywood, MT


Lyle & Bernie DeShaw Plentywood, MT


Brent (1987) & Cindi Hurst and Dr. Todd (1981) & Stacie Marsh, Plentywood, MT


Rick Knick, Manager of Sheridan Electric Co-op, Medicine Lake, MT


Richard and Eileen McCarty, Plentywood, MT


Blake and Erin Rasmussen, Plentywood, MT

Gold Partners not pictured are:

Howard (1969) and Dr. Carol Becker (1970) Stoner, Sudbury, MA;

Ann C. Hilyard Lindberg (1958), Rancho Mirage, CA;

Frank (1970) and Kordelia Tande French, Plentywood, MT;

Daryl and Kathy Gustin, Coronado, CA.

Frank (1986) and Rae Lynn D´┐ŻAngelo (1985), Missoula, MT

Bob & Marilyn Mann, Plentywood, MT

Joe McIntosh (1940), Spokane, WA

Dr. Nicholas Kanning

William & Agnes Lee

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation

Michael & Patricia Westergard

Milo & Cheryl Olson

Paul & Natalie McCarty

Marion Ross c/o Mike and Robyn Ross

Cecil Ross

Nathan & Lindsey French/Dr. Kris & Angela French

Patsy Morstad

Mary Nyhus

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